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Gallery News 4/29/2024

The project is still operating... We've been lazy updating the website, and have nothing in particular to say. You can check out a recent essay about us and many other home galleries by Louis Bury on New York Review of Architecture. Quite a delightful read.

Gallery News 12/23/2023

Happy holiday season! Make sure to check out our special exhibition Tu! Gift, Tu! Take, explore interactive works by 16 brilliant artists and take home their offerings for you. :)


Gallery News 8/20/2023

Hope you'd have some time to wander and wind down by now! Tutu is returning with a new exhibition curated by Xingze Li and Yen Yen: A Picnic State of Mind
. The show is up until October 15, please contact us via the page if you'd like to visit.

Screen Shot 2023-08-30 at 12.16.04 AM.png

Gallery News 06/13/2023

Time for summer break! Tutu is looking forward to a lazy summer full of relaxation and childish play. Come and visit Yulin Gu & Sha Luo:
Seal the Fog , curated by Yindi Chen.



Gallery News 03/19/2023

Tutu is announces Huidi Xiang's first solo exhibition in New York, when held properly, opening March 31, 2023.



Gallery News 03/04/2023

Congrats to Helen on your solo exhibition 7000SEEDS with Essex Flowers. We are so proud of you!


Screen Shot 2023-03-19 at 11.43.51 AM.png

Gallery News 01/19/2023

Xinan Helen Ran's exhibition Very Sweet opens tomorrow. Here is me testing her work... let me just tell you they induce some deep relaxing feelings...



Gallery News 01/06/2023

Wham-bam! The gallery made its appearance on Hyperllaergic for the first time. When I founded this project I knew in my heart that I will for sure make it in the New York art scene. This is just a small achievement, more to come in the future. For now, please admire a picture of me trying to install our holiday exhibition Very Naughty Super Trashy (gotta roll on the work to keep them flat).


Screen Shot 2023-01-17 at 10.11.34 PM.png

Gallery News 10/01/2022

Tutu Gallery has moved to a new location, but is still in Bed-Stuy.

To get our new address please email the assistant April
or DM our Instagram @gallrytutu to schedule a visit.


Gallery News 05/11/2021

Nothing much but still here.
I am learning to bet
ter communicate with my human assistant.



Gallery News 09/03/2020

Tutu Gallery is now reopening by appointment! 

Fill in this Google Form
or DM our Instagram @gallrytutu to schedule a visit.

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