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Juan David Figueroa

How Did I Get Here?


How Did I Get Here?, 2020

Single-channel animation

5' 26" min


Music by Nicolás Gómez Cañón


"The piece works as an emotional cartography, simulating the branching narrative of our mind.

A sentimental GPS.

A mental map that randomly expands, and traces with precision the collective experience of connection.


Growth manifests itself day to day in nature, at any possible scale. We find an urge to give meaning and to fill in the blanks. The scope and scale of our thoughts draw a pixelated landscape. One built of chance and precision. "



I'm a designer and artist based in New York and Bogota, involved in artistic innovation through new media and moving images. I'm focused on the multidisciplinary understanding of design and arts, interested in the relationship between memory and nature in our contemporary experience.

Currently pursuing my MFA in Computer Arts in the School of Visual Arts, NYC.

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