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Moved Paints in Cities


Moved Paints in Cities, 2020

Documentation Video

7' 47" min

"This series is based on both the location of my studio, and my practice. There are hundreds of red paintings in my studio.  Every painting’s acrylic paint moves out from the center of each of the panel planes, and out of my studio into the city. They show up as red squares all around this city, and each one is marked with a number, the date, the distance from my studio.



Moved Paints in Cities, 2020

Install View


The sites with red square have been documented using both photography and video. Simultaneously, the panels in my studio are marked with a corresponding number, date and distance from the moved red square.


Emphasizing the materiality of each work is important through this practice. Additionally, I'm aiming to provide unfamiliar ways to perceive works for viewers, and explore  commodification of the substance of art through the absence of typical art content."

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