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Fury, 2020

Print on 190g enhanced matte paper

Dimension Variable

(8.5" x 12", 13.5x19”)

This work is available

"The idea of this piece comes from my sketch.

Usually I did lots of sketches for helping me record some interesting stuff, after I looked at it for several time I thought it conveys an indescribable feeling.


I think the movements of the two people are very mysterious, and the audience can imagine what happened between the two through the expression of the man. The two have tensioned movements, forming a great contrast with the surrounding environment. It seems that time has stopped. This is what I want to convey to the audience. At the same time, this dynamic reminds me of the exaggerated, horrifying and funny actions in Ukiyo-e."


"This installation depicts a woman about to stab the man because of anger. They may be lovers, couples, or just friends. There is always a moment in our life that we want to kill someone, and at the same time we reasonably tell us that we should not do that.

Crime and violence have always been a topic of my concern, and this work is also about this topic."

"Laws and morals restrict us from using violence, but the urge to violent and irrational behavior is often found in our daily lives.


When we remove decent clothes from us, we are like any animal on earth."


Beautiful Life, 2018

Digital C print

Dimension Variable

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