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The Harbour City

The Harbour City, 2018

Single-channel Video

5' 55" min

"The video is about a fictional city where people moved the street lamps to the shore to lead the hatchlings back to the sea. air defence alarms are also relocated to the beaches to protect the whales from stranding. whereas the city dwellers resort to umbrella lights and night-vision devices for their nocturnal activities."


Qiaoer Jin is an artist who primarily works with time-based media such as moving image, sound  and multimedia installation. She is dedicated to constructing a fictional place called “Ou Topos”, where examines alternative ways of living and social ideologies in a contemporary context.


Through enacting as a reporter of Ou Topos, she is investigating the topic of parafiction in this infodemic era. Her works concentrate on the constantly renewing concept of “nature” and the social forces that form our relationship with the surroundings/ non-human environment.  Meanwhile, she explores “paper architecture” (including urban and landscape planning) as a medium for her artistic practice.

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